My ENTIRE Editing Workflow

See the tiny little hard drive on the left? That’s where I keep all of my active client files. It can travel with me, which allows me to do some editing during breaks in my day!

I field as many questions about editing and file management as I do about camera settings, which makes sense considering the images won’t do much good just sitting on a memory card.

If you ask 100 photographers how they manage their files and edit their photos, you’ll find yourself with 100 different answers.  There’s no right or wrong way, just the way that works best for you.

I made a little video which documents my ENTIRE editing workflow.

From plugging in my memory card to delivering files to the client, it’s all there.   It’s the SAME workflow that I use for my personal photos!    (Don’t worry, I fast forwarded through the boring parts!)

You’ll see how I organize my client files, how I decide which images to show a client and how I keep my editing consistent.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Many thanks to my friends at Front Room Photography in Milwaukee, as my file organization structure is heavily inspired by theirs!